About us

First Armored Services (F.A.S.) offers ballistics protection for a wide range of applications to customers across the United States and Canada. Although the FAS name is new to the market, the proprietors have been armoring vehicles for the industry for over 20 years.

FAS was created in part to address the need for a higher standard of service to the industry. The amount of time to get a vehicle armored or properly upfitted to meet required specs has become unacceptable. Installers are using under-performing materials, and out-dated installation methods. FAS is responsible for new standards of ballistics innovation and application. FAS has vehicles tested for over a half million miles to insure trust in quality and dependability.

FAS will meet with the customer and discuss the purpose or need for the level of ballistics protection required. FAS will advise on the best products for the job. With detailed focus on the installation, FAS will provide a finished product that exceeds OEM standards in reliability and finish. In today’s market, there is no reason for poor quality in upfitting, unfinished edges, and rattling components. Through a network of proven product suppliers, FAS has the latest options for every application in the industry.